Manuela Benini is an artist whose practice focuses . At the forefront of her work is the Red Dress Project, a series of poignant, site-specific performances that see her dancing in a red dress in unconventional locations, challenging notions of power balance and sparking dialogue on societal issues.

Each Red dress performance is a co-created act of political expression, inviting onlookers to reflect on their role in societal evolution. Her red dress is not merely a costume but a symbol—a symbol calling for attention to the pressing challenges within our society.

While Benini's repertoire includes diverse mediums such as street interventions and carnival processions, it is the Red Dress Project that stands out as her solo practice. This project, though distinct in its more intimate scale compared to her other public interventions, is deeply integral to her artistic identity. It is a medium through which she weaves the narrative of activism and embodiment, engaging a wide audience in dialogue and action.

In this website dedicated to the Red Dress Project, you will delve into the layers of the project’s vision, where every performance is a dialogue, every setting is a statement, and every movement is a journey to collective empowerment.


The project underscores her commitment to using art as a catalyst for social engagement, transforming spectators into participants and the streets into canvases for change.

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